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How to Give Dry Eyes Some TLC

How to Give Dry Eyes Some TLC

Hi there,

Sooooo….it is winter in Canada!  It has been cold but not awful?? Lots of us here on the Dandy team have dry eyes. Partly because we live in Alberta where it is known to be pretty dry but mostly because it is estimated that 1 in 3 Canadians suffer from dry eyes.  This condition is called Dry Eye Syndrome.

There are lots of ways experts encourage us to give our eyes some relief and TLC. Here are some of our team’s favourites:

  • Eat foods with high omega-3 fatty acids.  
  • Use artificial tears for temporary relief & stop rubbing your eyes.
  • Humidify your room to add moisture.   
  • Don’t overwear your contact lenses.  When your eyes feel tired, just pop them out for the day and switch to your eyeglasses for a break.  Daily contact lenses can help to eliminate over wearing of contact lenses.
  • Get lots of sleep to increase fluid circulation in the eyes.
  • Use sunglasses even in the Winter months to protect your eyes.
  • Take lots of breaks from your screen or device.  Prolonged use reduces blinking which helps to coat your eyes with tears.  We are guilty of this on the Dandy team so we set a ‘mini-break’ alarm on our phones throughout the day to give our eyes some love. 

As always, we recommend a regular visit to your eyecare professional to ensure your eyes are in great health! 

Seeing is believing.