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Together... we're better

Together... we're better

Hi there,

As we approach International Women’s Day, I wanted to share some personal thoughts.

When I started this journey in creating Dandy, I didn’t know how far I could take this idea. My professional career was in Marketing.  Do I know enough about Product Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Experience, Finance? What do I know about Tech & e-commerce?  From one day to the next, I would build a “list” in my head of all the things I didn’t know. In speaking and meeting with other female leaders and entrepreneurs, I was not alone.    

I came across this video of female innovators empowering Amazon.  When I saw this, I automatically connected with a female leader, Tarshia Weldon, who is on the Global Team for Amazon Prime Streaming Video.  She said So many times, we disqualify ourselves for a potential job because we doubt our own capabilities, skills, and experience.”  Her self-doubt of her skills and experience - those feelings are very real.  I undervalued my own skill set and ambition. I had some really tough struggles along the way in building Dandy. My experiences that have shaped me eventually helped me push through.  I also realized that my strongest skills were critical thinking and problem solving. These skills are what I need everyday to be a successful positive leader.  

I have been really fortunate as I have had many positive leaders and colleagues in my professional career. They valued me as a team member ; they challenged me ; they rallied to support me when I needed help. I wish that all women can experience a workplace environment where they can lead, innovate, and feel empowered.   


As a Mom who is raising a young son, I want him and the next generation to know a world in which equality for all women is part of who we are as a community. I believe we can all play a role in shaping this outcome.  Whether we are coaches for a sports team ; community members at a school ; an alumni who can offer career advice ; or a colleague or leader of a company that embraces inclusivity and equality, we can all play a part in embracing positive change so that all women can thrive.

Seeing is believing.