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Why are daily contact lenses better?

Why are daily contact lenses better?

Most of us have busy lifestyles and we are constantly on the go.  Work, school, work & school, exercise, going out, doing errands. We have a lot going on!  Daily contact lenses are a great way to make the simple things in life more convenient and less frustrating.  

Daily contact lenses or “dailies” are one-time use and are intended to be removed and disposed of each day. For many of us, this is ideal for our on-the-go lifestyle.  Here are some more reasons to switch to daily contact lenses:      


Top 5 reasons to switch to daily contact lenses:

  • Do your eyes feel itchy and uncomfortable sometimes?  
  • This may be due to overwearing and the build up of protein from your eyes & tears. Many of us are guilty of this - overwearing our contact lenses.  We forget or just get used to wearing them longer because of cost (too expensive). This is a big no-no. There are now more affordable daily contact lense options. Eye care professionals always recommend that we follow the specified time limit and avoid overwearing.

  • Do you wash your hands properly each time you touch your contact lenses?
  • Yes. No. Maybe? We have the best intentions but sometimes we are too tired at night or rushed to leave in the morning.  Our hands can introduce bacteria to our contact lenses and thus our eyes. This can cause serious eye infections and affect our overall eye health. Daily contact lenses are sterile and we can be assured of this each time we open one up as part of our daily routine.

  • Are your eyes dry or do you have sensitivity to pollen or dust?

    Many of us suffer from dry eyes, especially in Canada due to our dry climate.  Daily contact lenses can be a great option for those who suffer from dry eyes or with eye sensitivity.  Pollen, dust, dirt can also accumulate on contact lenses which cause discomfort. Daily contact lenses can be a good solution as they are disposed of each day so that we have a fresh pair for all-day comfort.   

  • Do you shower (or swim) with your contacts on?

    Hopefully not.  Water (including tap water) is not sterile and can introduce bacteria or parasites into our eyes and cause a serious infection which can lead to permanent damage to our eyes.. After we go to the gym or spinning, we should always remove our contact lenses before a shower. Swimming with goggles is a safer way and recommended by eye care professionals. Daily contacts are disposed of after a single-use and are easy to keep extras in our bag without the hassle of carrying a contact case and solution.

  • Convenience. Convenience. Convenience.

    We mentioned this already but let’s say it 3 more times.  We have all done this before (maybe all?) :
  • Run out of contact solution and it is midnight
  • Forget to clean our contacts case or don’t remember when we ever cleaned it?
  • Drop 1 contact in the bathroom sink or countertop or floor
  • Go to the airport and forget we brought a full bottle of contact solution in the carry-on again so we wait for security to check the bottle for safe air travel.
  • Arrive at our hotel and realize we forgot our contacts case, solution, or both. (Sigh) 

  • As always, we recommend that we see an eye care professional for an annual exam. 

    Seeing is believing,